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1. GEMROCK, half human-half rock, emerged from the rock kingdom deep beneath the Earth to beocome the modern day superhero. He singlehandedly saved Earth from approaching meteors and outmaneuvered an arsenal of flying robots created by a mad scientist. Gemrock came to find his father but stayed to save humanity.

This is a children's book trilogy, possibility of an animated TV series, and a video game concept has been written and a lot more.
2. Roy and Liza's Adventure are two children from the mind of artist Sam Northwood. Drawn to find companionship for his son, Victor, due to an elevator accident, another artist, William, stole the drawings, thwarting their real purpose. Valiantly, Roy and Liza come to life, take back their origins and show us how to care.

This is also a great TV series. Children's book and a video game concept have been writen.

Roy and Liza's Adventure
3. Earth Flight is an adventure about aliens, children and public perception. Trouble comes when Crystal, 6, is invited aboard an alien spaceship, failing to return on time. Due to damage caused by an electrical storm, the children help retrieve a meteorite from a local observatory as the world watches on TV.

Another TV series, children's book and video game concept have been wriiten.

Earth Flight
4. Shroud. Captain Nichols and Todd the undercover agent joined forces to find the mystery of young boys being killed, dumping their dead bodies around the city. The killer is connected to Maxwell and his sidekick Wanda, whose drug dealing and male pornography business is number one in New York city.

5. Body and Soul. Evil may grow over time that haunted the small town of Indianapolis and invaded the quiet place of Lourdes Convent in the city of Wheaton and a Dominican church in Chicago, Illinois. Here was an evil grown huge through the years, fed on the food of pain and human suffering. The curse of the Houghton family will be uncovered.

Body and Soul
6. Mister D.J. The story focuses on the mad cap employee of a Chicago based radio station, WCCQ.

Mister D.J.
7. The Victims, R,A,P,I,S,T. A rape victim who avenged her tragedy after several years and disguised her identity to track and kill all her rapists.

The Victims, R, A, P, I, S, T
8. Touch. Story of Amanda Hailey, a successful painter in Chicago. Her recurring vision of a naked man in fetal position sitting atop a lake, wanting to sculpt this into reality. She found her dream model, but in the process the past that she tried to forget is now coming to haunt her and she has to face it whether she likes it or not.

9. Craving of the Heart is a psychological thriller. It is all about love, lust and murder.

10. Brown Skin is the story of a Filipino American who came to America in the 1940s.

11. Stepping Stone (musical play) is the story of three Filipina who came to America in different circumstances. Two of them prostitute from teh U.S. Naval base in the Philippines and married American officers in the military. The third Filipina is a nurse who married an American for a green card (a business arrangement that went terribly bad).

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